The success of any corporate transaction is measured by its impact on shareholder value. Unfortunately, many transactions don’t deliver the desired results due to incomplete or hasty due diligence, which ultimately saddles the buyer with “surprise” liabilities. LLM assists clients, counsel, and other transaction advisors by identifying, quantifying, and pricing this risk for potential buyers or sellers.

LLM identifies all related known and unknown potential liabilities and conducts a complete examination and projection of historical and potential future liabilities, including asbestos, environmental, tort, legal, and other long-tail claims. In addition, we help identify and review potential insurance assets to assess availability and run allocation scenarios to model forecasted liabilities to coverage to help answer “what if” questions that arise in these scenarios. Lastly, LLM is experienced in advising clients on and implementing post-transaction risk mitigation strategies, including purchase of insurance, indemnification clauses, claim management, and tendering systems.

By providing answers to complex questions in difficult areas, LLM allows clients to make confident decisions in complicated and risky transactions.