Whether assisting clients pursuant to coverage-in-place agreements or with coverage for new liabilities, policyholder clients often look to LLM to assist in managing the subsequent notice and billing process.  LLM can expertly handle all of these requirements by utilizing its fully-developed and easily customizable notice tracking add-on structure to a client’s existing policy database.

Notice – LLM uses tools and processes that allow us to provide notice to an entire insurance portfolio as easily as to a single insurer.  These highly-efficient processes merge the coverage details for each noticed carrier into the notice letter(s), maintain detailed records of additional correspondence, and track outstanding requests from the various parties involved for easy reference.

Billing – Using these same tools, LLM can incorporate coverage specifics, liability details, allocation specifications, and billing ledgers into a single relational database to track all billing, exhaustion, remaining aggregate limits, and loss-type details and quickly provide up-to-date reports on remaining coverage.