Forensic Accounting
LLM has significant experience assisting our litigation clients and counsel with their investigative needs as they gather case facts, identify potential witnesses, and assess potential liability. Our staff has significant experience supporting clients with interviews of company personnel and third parties, identification of relevant document populations, and research of publicly-available resources. When necessary, we team with private investigators that have experience performing investigations in some of the most high-profile cases in the country. LLM partners with its clients and their counsel to develop a focused approach in our investigations that will provide the highest quality yields with the least amount of investment.

Quantification of Economic Damages
Analysis of economic damages forms the foundation of LLM’s litigation support services. Our consultants have studied and calculated damages in a wide variety of dispute contexts in a variety of forums. We follow a discipline-based approach and consider both quantitative and qualitative factors to inform our clients and provide the most robust analysis possible.

Claim Preparation and Negotiations
The reality of our business is that the vast majority of disputes are resolved outside the litigation context. LLM has supported countless clients with claim valuation, preparation, and negotiation assistance through regulatory hearings, settlement negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and various other extra-legal dispute forums. Our core skills and experience coupled with our reputation and existing relationships in our core service areas help us quickly establish communications with the other side and support clients in achieving their overall business goals in the most cost-efficient and effective manner.

Complex Data Management
As a result of our experience on large multi-party dispute matters, our clients often ask us to assist in early case assessment and throughout the discovery process.  LLM has the background and technology infrastructure to gather, store, mange, and analyze large, complex data-sets to simplify this aspect of litigation. Our consultants are not only versed in complex information systems and business analytics, but also have an in-depth understanding of the litigation process.  This allows us to sort and sift large populations of data to help our clients and counsel focus their efforts on other key aspects of the engagement.

Expert Witness Testimony
In addition to providing litigation support services, LLM consultants have been called as expert witnesses to testify and support our analyses. We work closely with our clients’ counsel to define our expert role and strictly adhere to evidentiary rules and protocols to ensure our clients’ interests are represented to the highest professional standards.