Realizing the value of any insurance asset requires proper quantification and documentation of the liability in relation to available coverage. Claims are often partly or completely denied or the claim process is needlessly prolonged due to incomplete or inaccurate claim quantification and documentation. LLM’s core competency is preparation of thorough, accurate, and credible claims for clients in a variety of insurance coverage contexts.

  • Identify potential claims and exposures
  • Accumulate, analyze, and document costs incurred to respond to known liabilities or losses
  • Estimate potential costs related to unknown and/or future liabilities or losses
  • Allocate specific liabilities or losses amongst other defendants, Potentially Responsible Parties, or other third parties
  • Conduct probabilistic studies to account for factual and legal uncertainties and other business risks inherent in some claim submissions
  • Identify total costs of a loss, including indemnity and defense costs