LLM works closely with our clients and counsel to prepare, present, and negotiate claims in a variety of contexts. Our firm philosophy is to present credible, defensible claims with proper documentation. We believe this approach enhances and facilitates negotiations, as opposed to stalling them with overreaching and unrealistic assumptions or negotiating postures.

Coupled with our experience and relationships with insurers, we are often able to obtain more satisfactory results more efficiently and less acrimoniously for both parties than our competitors. As with all our work, we take special care to maintain privilege and confidentiality of our work product as we support our clients through this process. Our work in this area includes:

  • Proper and through documentation to support the claim
  • Clear summarization of the claim methodology, underlying assumptions, and¬† related rationale
  • Preparation of sensitivity analyses to support underlying assumptions, evaluate alternative positions and counter-proposals, and identify key terms for settlement discussions
  • Support in responding to questions and inquiries