In today’s environment of Sarbanes-Oxley regulation, increased SEC/government scrutiny, and heightened focus on internal reporting, a reliable and comprehensive overview of contingent liabilities is often paramount for any company’s finance and risk management professionals.

LLM combines its analytical and forecasting core competencies with its industry and market expertise to provide clients with a realistic view of their potential exposure under varying alternatives and assumptions. Using the client’s historic claims data, we apply our experience with other similarly-situated clients, market factors, and industry best-practices to comprehensively clarify and quantify our clients’ current and potential future liability.

Our approach allows us to identify the key drivers in claim data and forecast liability under various assumptions to paint a fuller picture of potential future exposures, model annual cash flows, and estimate liabilities net of insurance. Once completed, LLM can easily update the results on an as-needed or standard basis to account for actual experience and provide the most up-to-date outlook for the client’s needs.

Whether for insurance claim submissions or settlement negotiations, financial reporting or SEC filing requirements, internal reserving practices, reporting, or transactional due diligence, LLM can provide a clear understanding of past, present, and future liabilities packaged in a flexible model that provides for all “what if” scenarios.