Managing liability claims can be a burdensome process for corporations, involving numerous components, including tracking new claims, coordinating with defense counsel, processing defense and indemnity payments, and documenting settled claims. In addition to the challenges posed by the sheer number of these activities, having the most accurate and up-to-date information is critical to a full understanding of potential exposure and corresponding insurance coverage.

LLM addresses these challenges by providing efficient and complete claims assistance to the various parties crucial to all of these processes. Our claims center provides comprehensive support from initial claim filing through resolution, including:

Claims Processing and Tracking

  • New Claim Filing Processing
  • Resolution (Dismissal or Settlement) Processing
  • Claims Reporting and Analysis
  • Claim Statistics Tracking
  • Imaging of Critical Documents
  • Systems Development and Maintenance

 Claims Reimbursement

  • Insurance Allocation
  • Claims Negotiation and Settlement
  • Release Generation and Processing
  • Claim and Counsel Invoice Disbursements
  • Insurer Billing and Receivable Monitoring

Our consultants also partner with our clients and counsel to help determine potential settlement values to support offers, demands, or negotiations. Using the data as a foundation and by organizing and accessing it in the appropriate way, we can generate customized reports by year, jurisdiction, disease, or any other criteria to arm our clients with the information needed to properly value claims.

Whether dealing with claims arising from legacy issues such as asbestos, pharmaceutical, or other product liabilities, LLM has the experience and tools to work with clients, insurers, counsel, and external auditors to handle a company’s claims in a cost-efficient, timely, and reliable manner, leaving clients free to focus on achieving their larger business goals.